Web Hosting – A Guide To Beginners

A web host is a service provider offering space in the server to host your website. The individuals who would wish to make their site go live in the internet should pay a minimum charge. These servers might host thousands of websites with its shared space. There are several features and aspects need to be taken care of while hosting your website. Let’s check some of the important aspects without which the ultimate objective of web hosting will not be satisfied.

Control panel allows the admin to access the website and make changes if required. Maintenance works need to carried out by logging in to this panel. Technically, it is called the cPanel that allows you to upgrade, customize features in website. Read more of this post


Buy and Sell Online From Anywhere With 4G Wireless Internet

These days all you need to start a business is an Internet connection. Many people use the Internet to buy a number of different items, and selling things on the Internet is almost as easy as buying something. You can stay even more on top of your sales and purchases with a 4G connection. This is a type of Internet connection that is completely wireless and makes it possible to connect to the Internet from anywhere using the WiMax Internet signals. Read more of this post

The Advantages of the Internet

Adults with access to Internet at home are more likely to have a romantic relationship than those who do not, reveals a study published in the State of Washington. A little over 82 percent of adults with access to Internet at home are married or in couples, while those without Internet at home are slightly less than 63 percent in the above situation, said the annual study presented by the American Sociological Society. Our investigations revealed that access to the Internet plays an important role in helping Americans to find their romantic partner), says Michael Rosenfeld, associate professor of sociology at the University of Stanford and lead author of the study.

Better than friends?

Concurrently, researchers have discovered that the Internet is increasingly the first place for romantic encounters, especially among same sex couples. (It is possible that next year, Internet will come first before even friends as the most effective way to meet romantic partners, friends will be surpassed as the first place to go for help planning romantic encounters for the first time since the early 1940s), says Rosenfeld. Among couples who meet online, 61 percent are of the same sex, the study says. (Internet is not simply a new and more effective way of making us stay in touch with our network of friends. The Internet is another form of social intermediary which may redraw the type of partners and relationships that we have), he concluded. The study has analyzed data from a survey of 4002 adults. Read more of this post

Why Should I Take My Business Online?

Going Online is the best way to market your business as it has enormous advantages that other methods just can’t match up to. No matter what your business, products or services, going online makes the entire world your market and potential customer. Some of the benefits of taking your business online are:

1) IT GIVES YOU A WIDER REACH – sitting in your office or home, you are in touch with people all around the world and increase the possibility of entering markets that you’ve never visited or are likely to ever visit, yet the internet can take your business there. Read more of this post

10 Tips Small Businesses Can Use to Avoid Viruses, Spam and Spyware

Viruses, spam, spyware and other malware cost small businesses billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, stolen identities and IT support costs. Read more of this post