How to Get Rich Online (And the Surprising Exercise You Can Do to Start Today)

Who else has dreams of getting really rich online?

Do you read the success stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary success and think “I can do that?”

Do you find yourself daydreaming about how different your life would look if you were able to QUIT your day job, tell your boss to “get lost” and work 100% for yourself, taking orders from NO ONE ever again? Or maybe you picture what your friends, family or even a spouse would say if you were suddenly “crushing it” online…becoming a “rock star” in your niche and making lots of money to boot?

The unfortunate truth is, while all of the above happens everyday…it does NOT happen to most. And while there are plenty of people who achieve their financial dreams through building an online business, the vast majority end up grasping at straws.

I’m going to share with you what I believe is the BIGGEST “secret” to getting rich there is…and while this is true in the offline world as well, it works SO much easier on the internet. (simply due to how easy it is to parlay this idea into profit)

The easiest way to get rich online is to find something you absolutely LOVE to do, and create a super simple 3 step process flow to make it a profitable business, rather than just a passion.

You need a STRATEGY. (what your overarching goal is – your objective)
You need a STRUCTURE. (what goes WHERE…and why?)
You need a SEQUENCE. (What does WHEN, and why?)

If you have PASSION, and implement the 3 simple steps around parlaying that passion into profit, you CAN (and often will) have tremendous success online, very quickly.

A good exercise to visualize this a bit better is this.

Write down a small list of your TOP personal passions.
Pick ONE of them as the foundation of your business. (preferably what you love most)
Ask yourself how you’d build a business around the idea?

Then –

Actually search the online landscape and find others who already are. (I guarantee you, if your passion is shared by others, there WILL be a profitable model in place you can emulate)

Remember, I don’t care how odd you think your interests are…if there is a community of folks who share that odd interest, and you are willing to create CONTENT and a community around your expertise, you CAN build that into a hyper profitable, very enjoyable and exciting home based business that CAN set you free.

I’ve seen people do this in every niche under the sun…from passions as diverse as art, to astral projection from finance to yoga, from health care to happiness and everywhere else in between!


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