Get Paid to Take Online Surveys Safely

Many people dream of working from home, and see countless listings for such positions and, no doubt, see tons of ads to get paid to take online surveys. But what kinds of people are successful at making money taking surveys online? Is it really possible to make hundreds of dollars a month? How many surveys does one really take? The truth is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Read more of this post


Advances in Technology

Advances in technology has changed the long commute for many Americans. In the past, it was necessary to go to an office or a job site in order to have all of the information available to you to get that particular job completed. Now, with so many things from computers, iPhone screen, iPod parts, mobile phones, and office equipment being so portable, many jobs can be done from home or from just about anywhere. Some jobs have also become almost nonexistent because of the advances in technology as well, which allows people to just do it on their own. This article will talk about some of the jobs that you could do from anywhere and also the jobs that have fallen by the wayside as the advances in technology. Read more of this post

International Business Card Etiquette

If you plan to do business internationally, it is important to understand the cultural significance of business cards and the etiquette that surrounds them in each country. Rapport International, a foreign language translation company based in metro-west Boston makes some good recommendations. A good rule is to view the business card as a personal representation of one's self. In North America and the United Kingdom, business card etiquette is easy to understand and quick to learn. Cards must be clean and well-kept but they may be carried loose in one's pocket and can be used to make notes. At the beginning of each meeting, one card is presented to each attendee. Read more of this post