Advances in Technology

Advances in technology has changed the long commute for many Americans. In the past, it was necessary to go to an office or a job site in order to have all of the information available to you to get that particular job completed. Now, with so many things from computers, iPhone screen, iPod parts, mobile phones, and office equipment being so portable, many jobs can be done from home or from just about anywhere. Some jobs have also become almost nonexistent because of the advances in technology as well, which allows people to just do it on their own. This article will talk about some of the jobs that you could do from anywhere and also the jobs that have fallen by the wayside as the advances in technology. Read more of this post


Disadvantages of Self Publishing

Self publishing offers writers, especially not very famous ones; such as myself, a chance to get their work published by using their own money, which in essence comes down to somebody paying a publisher to publish his or her book. Read more of this post

Website Builder Makes

In today’s world it is nearly impossible to get by or succeed in business without having a website. By creating a website you can dramatically increase your customer base, keep your current customers up to date on what is going on with your business and get the word out about your products or services. Read more of this post

Convert a Visitor to a Subscriber?

When you construct a website, many visitors come and go without even remembering it. There are very few people who remember your website and want to buy your services and programs. But, there is one thing that you can still do that is taking the visitor’s permission to add them in your mailing list. Read more of this post